Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last but Not Least

  • I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. I know that I am not as technology savvy as I would like, and this program has forced me to delve into some things I would not otherwise have done.
  • One of the best discoveries I made during this process was that Web 2.0 is not as intimidating as I thought it would be. I am better at digging in and figuring things out than I thought I would be. I am loving my Bloglines and go to it every day to keep up with news, library issues, my own blog, etc. I know that in the future, I won't just sit back and wonder what everyone is talking about. I'll go, set up an account and see what it's all about...whatever IT may be! I never, never thought I would set up a Twitter account...but I did, just today. I saw that TeachingBooks.net posted things on Twitter and I thought that would be just one more way to stay in touch with what's going on with authors and other people that interest me.
  • One of my lifelong learning goals is to stay in touch with the students of the 21st Century and with my own children who are rapidly growing up in this technology laden world. This program has shown me some of what is out there and what I will have to keep up with or I will be left behind in the world of technology.
  • I was a bit surprised at how some of the technology is really useful in daily life and some is just fluff...at least to me! I don't have much free time, so if I am going to do something I want it to be worth my while.
  • I thought the program was very organized, easy to understand and not too overwhelming. However, it was fairly time consuming. By the time you read through everything, watched the videos, set up the accounts and blogged about it all, many, many hours were spent. The hours though, were worth the knowledge gained. I really can't suggest any changes because I didn't have many problems and really enjoyed myself.
  • I would definitely participate in another discovery program. The incentives helped, but I would probably do it anyway just knowing that it would make me a better librarian and 21st Century Mom!
  • I know this sounds goofy, but I hate that this is ending because I have learned so much. I guess now I will be paying closer attention to the tech courses HEB is offering so I can broaden my horizons!


I was able to create an account, but when I logged out and tried to go back in it wouldn't work...so who knows! I am excited about downloading some books on my new MP3 Player! I love to listen to books as I don't have a ton of time at home to read. I can see myself listening to a book while I walk my dog, do laundry etc. Many students have some kind of device on which they could download a book...if they knew about it! The best is reading themselves, but many would enjoy listening to something that was too hard for them to read.

I am going to go to the Bedford Public Library and sign up through them so I hopefully won't have problems with the account!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Tube

I don't get on You Tube very often, because I would spend way too much time sitting around watching videos! I chose this video for pure entertainment. I have a dog and cat that do exactly what is being shown in the video, so I loved it! I was not able to figure out how to post the video and post a comment on the same post, so I am doing this in two steps! I think that using video clips in the library has a wide range of uses from teaching a concept, showing something from history, teaching wikis, etc. The list could go on and on.

You Tube

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Web 2.0 Awards

I looked at a few different 2.0 websites, but really enjoyed the "Upcoming" site at
http://upcoming.yahoo.com which is a current events site. I typed in Fort Worth as my local site and pulled up several pages of things going on around Ft. Worth. Many museum exhibits were listed, plays, special events at the zoo, etc. The info also listed how long the event was lasting. There was also a way to add the event to your online calendar, "30 Boxes", "Google Calendar", etc. Cool.

Zoho Writer

This online word processor is pretty cool! Just like using any other word processing. It took just a few minutes to figure out how to post it to my blog. Once I did, I realized the font was to big and I was able to edit the document within my blog...nice!

Zoho Writer Document

"The man who does not

read good books has no

advantage over the man

who can't read them."

~Mark Twain